May 12

Review: Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry

Born in Blood is a fascinating read for the Mason with an interest in history.  It’s a very scholarly peek into the supposed history of the Freemasons’ origins in the Medieval stonemason guilds and the evidence that supports that the organization was instead (or additionally) formed by fleeing Templar Knights as a means to stay connected and underground while the Vatican scoured Europe to hunt them down and hang them.

** I must stress that only those who have become Master Masons within the fraternity read this book.  It will make much more sense.**

In fact, the interesting thing about this book is that the author, John J Robinson, is not a brother of the fraternity at all.  His research into the matter began not as an inquiry into the Freemasons or the Knights Templar, but rather into a key moment in English history surrounding the peculiar Peasants Rebellion of the early 1300s.

The evidence is indeed overwhelming and the text is not dry or boring.  Johnson does a wonderful job of telling the story of history to keep you interested and engaged. It’s a very fascinating read and really brings the origins of our Brotherhood into clearer focus as a fraternity of trust, protection, mutual benefit, and the passing on of vital initiatory wisdom from our forefathers.

Pick up a copy here and learn your lineage.

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